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Resumes, certifications, portfolios, and experience are abundant throughout the landscape of small business marketing. My greatest value is my keen sense for marketing strategy and my track record for leading small businesses to success.

Through collective achievement, I have gained a loyal following of influential leaders from both the business and community sectors. Ultimately, I have played my role in leading individuals, organizations, industries, and even communities to unprecedented levels of success.

Let’s discuss how I can help YOU reach your goals.

Digital Marketing Strategy

SEO Campaign Management

Advanced SEO services that transform businesses.

SEM Campaign Management

Highly targeted PPC campaigns for faster results.

Social Media Management

Social ads that increase brand awareness and boost sales.

Email Marketing Management

Email marketing campaigns that increase retention.

Marketing Project Management & Operations

Sales & Marketing Operations

Technology and processes that boost productivity.

Marketing Project Management

Keep projects on track and within budget.

Marketing Data & Analytics

Data Analytics & Reporting

Meaningful reports and suggestions for improvements.

ROI Attribution & Analysis

Deep visibility into the performance of your channels.

Creative Services

Web Design & Development

Fast, attractive and functional websites that convert.

Strategic Content Creation

Captivating content that informs and compels audiences.

Video Direction & Production

Video that increases conversion rates and drives sales.

Graphic Design

Guidance and aesthetically pleasing design that empowers your brand.

Reportedly 12 million increase in real estate sales Q1 of 2016

Coldwell Banker Premier Realty

40% increase in traffic contributing to 40% increase in real estate sales

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices – Dean Smith Realty

40% increase in contracts equaling over a quarter million dollars in revenue


Increase in census as much as 200 in a month%

Las Vegas Recovery Center

5 figure decrease in monthly revenue and over 10,000% increase in brand awareness

Frontline Media Solutions

Secured 5 figures of new business and saved 5 figures of existing business


Selected to create process for closing out 1500 PMO projects for fortune 5 client

Principle Group
Lorenz Madarang
Healthcare Project Manager II (PMP,CSM)
John Hagan, Senior Manager
Red Classic Systems and Business Integrations (Formerly HEGK Attorneys)
Mark Oesterle, IBM Senior Project Manager for AD&I Cloud Services
IBM Bluemix at IBM Global Business Process Services
Jesse built the foundation of my first work via video and photography. The video was praised by a lot of people. Feedback was really good from other Realtors.
Vickey England, Realtor, CRS
Coldwell Banker Premier Realty

Jesse was a big part of getting what we’re doing off the ground here.

Bob Colloredo
Colloredo & Associates

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